Yes, i am posting pictures for a change! With a little story, though… I’ve been feeling pretty low energy the last few days. I am guessing that this was a mixture of not being careful about who i spend time with, not enough sleep, and an out-of-whack thyroid (i am guessing that my thyroid continues to deteriorate because my TSH was high again…). Today, though, after a morning nap, i had more energy – enough to walk to the beach this afternoon (about a 30 minute walk). Even at 6 PM it was warm enough to walk barefoot with only a t-shirt on! I loved feeling the sand under my feet and the water around them (every once in a while – it was too cold to walk in the water). I walked all the way to Murphy windmill, the Southern, recently restored, windmill in Golden Gate Park. And that’s when i remembered i brought a camera! So here in all her glory is the South windmill… Well, if you click on the little pictures you’ll see the full glory…

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