Pack of Jackals

Overwhelmed by a pack of jackals.
Wanting them to go away.
Just leave me alone!
Maybe they want acceptance?

They will devour me
if i accept them!
The idea comes with a mental movie
Sliding down a dark chute
into the den of a pack of jackals
who jump on me hungrily
devouring me alive.

Sliding down a dark chute
into the den of a pack of jackals
bracing myself
to be eaten alive.

Nothing happens.
As my terror subsides
i notice the jackals
checking me out
smelling me out

They nudge me to relax
to trust them.
We know each other already
having spent years together
there is a certain familiarity.
No devouring alive.

As i relax,
they start to come closer
put a head into my lap
wanting some petting
wanting acceptance
and understanding.

The pack of jackals
assures me
they are there for me
to protect me
to support me.
I just need to listen
to learn their language
and stop running away
in fear.

The pack of jackals
surrounds me.
One is licking my face.
It’s still a little scary,
though more surprising.

A thought flies through my mind.
Another jackal!
The thought turns into a small jackal
running toward me
wanting to play.

In Nonviolent Communication our judgments and other self-talk is often portrayed as “jackals.” Today i relearned the lesson that these jackals are actually more supportive than i usually believe… Accepting them helps me accept all of me – something that i long to do to live in full integrity.

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