Other skeptical meditators!

I am excited to have discovered other skeptical meditators: ronbrown has posted his “Skeptic’s Testimonial on Mindfulness Meditation.” Hopefully, we will be able to start creating sitting groups that offer an alternative to the ones steeped in Buddhism!

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Other skeptical meditators! — 1 Comment

  1. Rachel:

    Hi. Just writing to recommend a posting to you. It profiles an ex-fundamentalists pursuit for and finding of meaning in wonder and the promotion of well-being. I go over their story, looking at it from the perspectives of different ways of thinking about wisdom (e.g., buddhism), and from the perspective of the danger of belief commitment.


    I hope you’ll check it out and leave a comment. I find that the stuff I write on wisdom is read far less often than when I write about an interesting news finding, and so these articles get bounced off the hot topics list very quickly (if they make it on at all). I’m hoping that this post will manage to get more attention, though, as I personally think it’s more important than much of what I write that gets attention. The more people who read and leave comments, the longer it stays on the hot topics list.

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