On genes and memes

Damian Peterson summarized the definitions of genes and memesvery well. These two terms are important in understanding evolution, especially if the discussion involves Richard Dawkins since he originated the term “meme.” Damian’s summary is much more succinct than the blurbs about both terms on Wikipedia, which in my opinion, makes the post very helpful!

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On genes and memes — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the trackback. And for your kind words. I have to put out a disclaimer though that I am in no way qualified in biology or sociology and so might have got it wrong in places. If my “in a nutshell’ can be tidied up a bit I’m open to criticism. It would be nice to be able to simplify it so that an absolute novice can come away with a solid understanding of genes and memes and their implications.

    Great site by the way. Some great reading here.

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