Medicare for All – An Open Letter to my Congresspeople

I sent the following to my Congresspeople, all of them Democrats:

I recently signed the Credo call to Democrats to fight for Medicare for All. I want to let you know why i believe that it is time to fight for Medicare for All.

I have hypothyroidism, a chronic disease that, if left untreated, can be life-threatening. Currently, i am going through a phase where symptoms have flared up despite treatment – the disease is progressing.

I am receiving the least expensive drug to treat my hypothyroidism. And i am getting tested frequently right now, which is the only way to determine the correct dosage. Those tests are expensive. While i have health insurance, i live with the fear that this insurance might drop me because i have a chronic disease, increase my premiums so much i can no longer afford it, or simply refuse for frequent testing claiming that my treatment is sufficient despite my symptoms (there is controversy around what healthy test results are…).

This fear is adding stress – and stress is a known factor that makes hypothyroidism worse. So, part of my treatment could be the relief of having guaranteed health care – something i can only get if we were to have Medicare for All in this country. This might actually be one of the most promising parts of my treatment as i suspect that this low-grade fear is the culprit behind the progression of my disease.

If you care about the health of people like me – your constituent with a chronic medical condition – please fight for this simple and cost-effective treatment: Stress-reduction by eliminating our chronic fear of losing the medical care we have by providing Medicare for All.

Please feel free to contact me if i can provide you with any further information that might help you in your fight for Medicare for All.

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