I broke my fast this morning – a day earlier than i had planned. The effect of my fast yesterday was just too much: I felt light-headed, tired, and weak. And i didn’t even fast completely yesterday! I ate a soup when i couldn’t get warm. I am struck by the quick physical and mental impact of malnutrition and realized that this in itself is something to take note off. After all the Republican cuts are forcing people into further malnutrition! I can break my fast and give my body the nourishment it needs. I can buy food. But what if i depend on food stamps that are being cut? What if the safety net that barely was holding me up entirely disappears? It is unconscionable yet it’s the Republicans that act as if they have a monopoly on morality – maybe because they are acting this immoral?

Update on April 12: There are now more then 30,000 people who are participating in this rolling fast! You can see some of our messages in this video. And you can join us here.

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Malnutrition — 1 Comment

  1. I can’t really fast either, at least not longer than 12 hours or so, without severe symptoms.

    I can eat a pretty restrictive diet, just not nothing. Maybe you could do something like that.

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